Find focus in a world without it

I became a psychotherapist because I love to see people enact change in their lives. I believe that we constantly strive toward health and wholeness. All that is needed is to remove the obstacles in our way. The forces that drive change reside within a place of compassion, encouragement, knowledge and optimism. This is the space that I create for my clients. My goal is to help others make sense of themselves and experience freedom from both the internal and external forces that often keep them stuck.


Our fears can sometimes protect us from threats, or cue us into something that just doesn’t feel right. However, many people experience anxiety and fear that seemingly stem from nothing. Some people cannot seem to stop worrying. Some experience fear or anxiety in response to something that appears harmless to others. Whether anxiety is like a constant background noise or a flood of sudden panic, there are effective treatments for all types of anxiety. I have experience working with numerous types of anxiety issues, from generalized anxiety to panic attacks.


The majority of the population will experience some sort of trauma in their lives, such as an accident or an assault. Many times after a period of distress and intense emotion the memories fade and we feel ready to return to our normal lives. Other times, however, the memories and emotions do not fade and continue to insert themselves into our lives and thoughts. It is also common for an experience that we thought we had moved past to re-emerge with greater intensity, causing confusion and worry. One of my specialties is treatment of trauma, with a special emphasis on working with survivors of sexual abuse and sexual assault.

Disordered eating, emotional eating, and excercise issues

Issues around food, body image and exercise are very common. Our bodies sometimes become the battleground on which we play out emotional pain, uncertainty about identity, or general insecurities. Healing your relationship with food, exercise and your own body can be a difficult process. I have worked with adolescents and adults in eating disorder treatment programs and enjoy helping my clients through this process.